"It takes monsters to steal souls and fighters to reclaim them"

- Rupi Kaur




Vanede's mission is to increase collaboration across disciplines to more effectively respond to sexual assault and domestic violence. We believe that violence against women is everyone's issue, and that effective intervention models should not limit advocacy to crisis centers. Instead, help for sexual assault and domestic violence should exist everywhere that women are.


About Us

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Vanede positions beauty professionals as allies in anti-sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy by educating beauty professionals on sexual assault and domestic violence response strategies, and providing consultation on how to embed effective response and referral strategies into the beauty establishment’s business and marketing practices.

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THE FACTS: One in six women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. That's a sixth of the beauty industry's target market, and about a sixth of the visitors frequenting beauty retailers, spas, and salons, which suggests that every day, beauty professionals are engaging with survivors. The sheer volume of consumers alone that frequent makeup retailers, hair salons, and spas can increase survivor's access to, and awareness of crisis intervention.


THE SOLUTION: Research indicating the value of mobilizing members of the community to establish a more holistic approach to the prevention of, and response to sexual assault and domestic violence highlights an untapped opportunity to engage beauty establishments as a partner in anti-violence advocacy. Vanede creates a platform that facilitates this partnership to leverage beauty in an empowering and impactful way.