Our Mission:

To Empower.

Vanede is committed to creating a world where help for sexual assault and domestic violence can be found everywhere that women are.


Our Mission

Vanede’s mission is to increase collaboration across disciplines to more effectively respond to sexual assault and domestic violence. We believe that violence against women is everyone’s issue, and that effective intervention strategies should not limit advocacy to crisis centers. Instead, help for sexual assault should exist everywhere that women are.

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Our Goal

Women-centered establishments, beauty salons and retailers are a ready-made platform for crisis intervention solutions, and should become synonymous with anti-violence advocacy. 

Research linking the impact of interpersonal violence and self-esteem highlight an untapped opportunity to leverage the intimate relationship existing between beauty professional and their clients. Women aspire to not only look better, but to feel better. Vanede creates a platform that seeks to bring to light the intrinsic connection between the two, changing the conversation around beauty and healing to leverage beauty in an empowering and impactful way.

We believe in the importance of mobilizing influencers in our community to create a more comprehensive approach to sexual assault prevention efforts by providing education to beauty professionals, and hosting forum discussions and events around sexual assault and domestic violence in beauty spaces.

Vanede envisions a world where hotline information would be printed on all beauty price lists, and links to online resources would be embedded in company websites. We seek to make discussions about sexual assault normal, access to resources plentiful, and intolerance for sexual assault non-negotiable.

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Media Features


by: emily lawrance

In December 2018, the journal Military Medicine released a small report aimed at understanding the experiences women on active military duty have in accessing birth..

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Host: Dr. arumala

In this episode, we explore the psychology and effect of 'victim blaming' with sexual assault advocate and Founder of Vanede, Ms. Nneka Obiekwe.


by: sara gaines levey

How young professionals are rewriting the rules for a successful career…



July 2018

“Nneka is a young, vibrant and relatable speaker who captures your mind and challenges you to think critically”

Antoinette Nwabunnia



Our Services

At Vanede, we're transforming beauty and the way beauty brands are experienced. We're enhancing the feel-good that beauty brings by adding a dose of healing and empowerment for the shared traumas and silence that permeates womanhood. Learn more about our service offerings below.



Vanede workshops merge charming esthetics and thought provoking discussions to create a unique learning experience. Extra care is taken to protect the safety and confidentiality of all discussions.

workforce training

Our trainings are survivor-centered, evidenced-based, and will enhance your skills in supporting survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

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We’re accepting booking requests for speeches, presentations and lectures on topics relating to sexual assault and domestic violence prevention and response.


We offer recommendations on how to embed effective response and referral strategies into your business offerings, and provide you with the tools to do it.       


Get Involved

Vanede’s mission can not be made possible without the partnerships and sponsorships of organizations that use their influence to positively impact survivors, as well as the people who selflessly commit their time empowering and uplifting them.


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What expertise do you bring to the table? Use your experience to educate and empower by joining our event panels.


We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to donate their time to enhance our program offerings.

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Let’s transform your salon or spa into a safe space for survivors and allies to speak openly and honestly.